MxV Mental Wellness Podcast

Finding Support During a Crisis with Matthew Knight of Leapers

May 26, 2020

We’re back! After battling the flu, a pandemic, and tech issues, Mike and Leanna finally reconnect for another episode of MxV.

This time, they’re joined by Matthew Knight, founder of UK-based freelance support community, Leapers. Matthew, Mike, and Leanna discuss changes they’ve seen in their own lives and on the international work-from-home scene.

Matthew shares how the Leapers community is supporting freelancers gives his take on the different ways people can focus on mental wellness and find a community as they work from home during COVID.

Matthew’s biggest piece of advice? Design how you want to work. Freelancing can feel isolating whether you live alone or work in a crowd, but a lot of that comes down to HOW you work. 

Learn more about Leapers on their website:

And check out out their amazing list of coronavirus resources for freelancers:

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